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Final EDM 310 Reflection

I really enjoyed the "freedom" in this class.
1. Free time
2. Free to think
3. Free materials (no $$ involved)
4. Free to be ourselves
5. Free to learn

Part 1

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Personal Learning Network Report

Personal Learning Network Report
I used Symbaloo to create my Personal Learning Network. My PLN is growing daily. I have added Everyday Math Resources and Google Reader since my last report update.

LaChandra's PLN webmix

C4T #4 Summary

Caren Carrillo
Links to Use:
stop watch timer
Caren presented a brilliant idea for students keeping up their pace in the classroom. She uses a stop watch program online to help students keep up with the time while doing assignments and test. The method is to help students finish their assignment. The students look at the stop watch to see if they need to pick up their pace. I think this is a great idea for most students, however some students are distracted and may get nervous by the thought of being timed. This is a good method to time projects, center time, and social time in the classroom.

In this post Caren gave tips on how to add and subtract negative numbers. Students often have problems with grasping the concept of negative numbers. They are confused about how a number can be negative. Here are some tips on how to understand the concept of adding and subtracting negative numbers.
1. Create a huge number line from -10 to 10
2.Put a huge (-) sign on the left end of the line and (+) on the right side of the line
3.Talk through the equations with the students
4.Show the students the numbers on the line (add and subtract them)
5. Then introduce the (-) numbers
6. Teach the odd and even rule
This teaching method leaves little room for mistakes.

Summary Post C4K November-December 5

Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog
Halloween Fun Friday
In this post the students came up with relevant messages a slogans to "SAY NO TO DRUGS". The students wrote what they thought about drugs on a poster combined with their peers sayings. They also discussed their math lesson for the day. The lesson was arrays. They used Halloween erases in rows to calculate the answer. (Example three rows of nine ghost erasers=27.) This activity seemed successful because it was interesting. Students are more enthused to learn using crafts or toy-like objects. The students also created spider webs for an instructed art project. The students read and followed directions to complete the project.

Ben's blog was written in French. I used Google Translate to translate it in English. Ben is nine years old and in the 5th grade. He loves sports. He attends a school where there is over 500 students. I attended a small school and can only imagine the experience of a big school population. This is Ben's first time blogging. I left him words of encouragement to keep blogging!

Melissa asked a question: What is your favorite Christmas Movie? Her favorite movie is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I commented that my favorite story is an old classic: A Christmas Story!

The Crazy Cranberry Project
Madison discussed the cranberry experiment in her blog post. The class made cranberry relish and made several predictions for the experiment.They predicted if the cranberry would float or sink and at what temperature a cranberry would pop. The cranberry floated and it popped at 212 degrees F. They also compared home-made cranberry sauce to can bought sauce. They agreed that home-made cranberry sauce was the best. I think the students learned a lot from this project by experimenting rather than reading about cranberries.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

Tom Johnson's adventure's in Pencil Integration

This assignment was basically a redo for a previous blog posting that most of the students interpreted wrong. After reading the additional assignment postings and the previous assigned posted again I finally got the point. How could I have missed the irony of this in the beginning? Of course he's referring to computers and not pencils. The post that really stood out to me was " He Just Likes the Class for the Pencils". I thought it was strange how the teachers bashed this student because of their lack of ability to catch his interest. Students should be allowed to express their creativity and thoughts without being told not to do so. Even though the student confessed that he don't just like the class for the "pencils" but could not explain why he liked the class. I think somethings are beyond explanation. The teacher was able to connect with this student in such a way that no one could explain why the student really liked the class. This teacher gave the student permission to think! The other teachers commanded the student to listen! That's why I think the student liked the class.

Blog Post #13

ALEX logo

Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)

ALEX is an awesome website for teachers especially first year teachers. This website offers lesson plans for all subjects with Alabama State Standards. If you are a new teacher this website will definitely steer you into the right direction for planning and teaching every subject. ALEX provides web links, podcast treasury, lesson plans, and a personal workspace to create your own lesson plans for others to review. The lesson plans are broken down into many categories. First choose the course of study and grade level, then choose the state standard referred. ALEX is a website where educators are sharing ideas so that our children will benefit tremendously.

I was not aware of ALEX before this assignment. I am thankful for this website and I know it will be useful in my future career. This website is a great relief for first time teachers, however teachers should not use this as a crutch. I think educators should also add their creativity and ideas to the lesson plans also. I don't think a teacher should depend on this website for an excuse not to contribute to education.

ACCESS is an online educational system that provides different courses for middle and high school students in Alabama through distant learning. This is for students who are behind, transfered, or simple want to get ahead for college without having to go to another school. It offers online classes to all high school students who might need credits to graduate. The students can enroll to ACCESS instead of having to wait another semester to finish high school. I think this is a great way to help students socialize with other socioeconomic groups.

My major is special education k-6 therefore my students probably won't be involved with ACCESS during my time of teaching. However I would encourage other parents and students to research information about ACCESS. I think this is a great way for students to stay on track or get ahead in secondary school.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Progress Report for Final Project

work in progress sign
I will be working in a group with Tiffany Morris and Catina Magby for the final project. We decided to record a short movie discussing EDM 310. We haven't decided how we plan to approach this skit far as a news cast, red carpet interview or a talk show. We will meet Tuesday to make final plans.

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Project #6

This questionnaire asked questions about cell phones and cell phone usage. My motive was to find out how depended and addicted students are to cell phones. I had 17 responses and 100% owns cell phones. The top cell phone provider according to the responses is At&t (41%), T-mobile (29%), Verizon Wireless (18%), then Cellular South (12%). I was surprised about the percentage of how many texts sent daily. 35% of the students send only 1-50 text message a day, however more than half the students cell phone plan is unlimited talk and text. 15 out of 17 students answered that it is not safe to text and drive but 11 out of 17 text while driving. Knowing something is wrong and still performing the act is crazy to me. 13students agree that the law for not texting while driving is fair while 5 others are neutral. 16 out of 17 students thinks their life would not be the same without a cell phone however, 12 students can go a week to a month without using their phone. I find that hard to believe but the numbers don't lie. No one uses their phone for twitter or myspace most of the students use their phone for other activities rather than facebook, online banking or emailing. Only 5 of the students find it difficult not to use their phone in class however, 6 students thinks it should be okay to use their phone during class.

I learned that people have good intentions but their actions differ. So many people said it is not safe texting while driving but yet they do. Then they agreed that the law was fair!! So if it is fair, that makes 11 out of 15 of the students guilty of a crime.

Blog Post #12

the Wikipedia logo

The last post asked which teaching method from Mrs.Cassidy's class would you use in your classroom? I chose Wiki. Well, it was brought to my attention by Caitlyn Lord to beware of Wiki because the information can be altered. My assignment is to watch How to Edit a Wikipedia Article and Wikipedia: Reliable? A Documentary . Write 2 paragraphs sharing your thoughts and comments about using Wikipedia in the classroom.

It never crossed my mind that the information on Wikipedia could be altered by anyone who wants to add information. Wikipedia provides information about any subject quick, however check the sources because the information given is not always reliable. Wikipedia offers information that helps doing research papers and homework more convenient. No more heavy books, no more copying pages from the books, and best of all no more spending endless hours at the library. Check the sources of the information because it may have been altered to make the interested subject look good or bad. You definitely can not trust what you read or see on Wikipedia or any other source. It is important that you double check information found on Wikipedia.
I will still incorporate Wikis in my classroom but will warn students to double check sources and not to rely solely on the information given. I think using a wiki would help broaden the students learning source. The students would not depend on the teachers' answers for every subject. Wikis would allow the students to ask other educators about certain content areas.

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Project #12 Teach Someone

How to Properly Load A Dishwasher

Blog Post #11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class and An Interview with Ms. Cassidy using Skype

I commend Ms. Cassidy for using technology techniques in her classroom. Even though the other teachers are not interested and still using old teaching methods, Ms. Cassidy is using a new approach to learning.I think Ms. Cassidy understands the concepts of learning in a new era. She knows how to cater to her audience. Her students are interested in the curriculum and seems to enjoy the assignments given. In the video the students mentioned using wiki as a form of learning. I think this is a good idea because other educators can share their ideas with the students. Wikis are also a great teaching method because it is impossible for one teacher to know everything about a topic. I will definitely use wikis in my classroom curriculum. I know technological teachers have problems with "cavemen" teachers. If I encounter these problems as a teacher, I would persuade the teacher how technology benefits the students in so many positive ways. I would offer to help them become technologically literate. I think using Ms. Cassidy's approach would produce successful independent individuals.

Summary Post C4K Comments 3-7

the word blog in different colors
I enjoyed reading and commenting on these kids' posts. They were delightful and I hope to incorporate blogging in my future classroom.
Week 3
Jonita made an interesting video about pioneers, voyagers, and explorers. I think this is a great way for other students to learn from their peers. The video was creative and informative. She narrated the video well and I enjoyed watching it.

Week 4
Josh evaluated his work performance in a group project. He evaluated himself in an honest manner. He knew his group didn't spend a lot of time on the project but was glad they completed the project.

Week 5
I read a 17 year old girl's post about what she learned in class other than the subjects taught. Her post was great. I think so many other students learn life skills also but don't really know how to explain it. She did a great job writing her thoughts in her post.
Luke discussed friendship skills. Ironically these two post goes hand in hand. Students learn to respect others in class and establish long term friendships. He discussed how to be a good friend and not to hurt friends' feelings.

Week 6
Sam post was his very first post on his blog. He's excited about blogging and sharing ideas to others. I checked his blog afterwards and he's posted many great posts.

Week 7
Jacqui discussed her goal to become a teacher. She mentioned teachers ethics, what teachers can and should not do. Her post was humorous but so true. I encouraged her to always say no to drugs!

Summary Post C4T Teacher #3

Carren Carrillo

Carren Carrillo's post "Rubrics for Anything" was interesting. She explained a simply rubric containing yes, no, or maybe questions. This rubric is easy to follow and the grading scale is fair. I think this type of rubric is self explanatory and does not allow the teacher to give "opinion grades". I think teachers should consider using this rubric or a similar one in all assignments.

What Makes a Good Dentist?
In this post Carren Carrillo discussed her argument against standardized testing and teachers being accountable. She compared this scenario to a dentist visit. She posed the question "Is my lack of flossing the dentists' fault? Of course not." Her argument for teachers: "is it fair to judge teachers' abilities based on the achievements of students? If "achievement" is based on the current standardized test, I argue no." I agree with her argument. Teachers' abilities should not be judged by students' achievement on standardized tests. I don't think students are focused or even care while taking standardized tests, so why would someone "punish" the teacher for irrelevant tests? This post by Carren Carrillo was great!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Post #10

An Open Letter to Educators
post by Morgan Bayda video by Dan Brown

The teaching methods most teachers use are out dated and mostly focusing on memorizations and facts. I agree with Morgan that long lectures and short interactions with peers are somewhat cheating us out of a "liberal education". I have attended three different colleges and yet the learning routine are the same. Buy books that will never be opened, take notes from professor, memorize the notes for the test, and repeat steps until completing course. We are rarely tested on what we think but on what others are telling us to think. Sometimes it is hard to express your opinions about situations because some professors think they are right and there is no other way to think.
The internet is a tool where facts, knowledge and anything else you can think of are free. However, dropping out of school won't get you anywhere! Everyone knows that obtaining a degree is more suitable for better living. No matter how much information you learn and read on the internet it all boils down to proving what you know, which is by showing your credentials on paper. I agree with Dan on education today is not preparing us for the future. Yes we are paying Universities for information we could simply learn on the internet, but that's just how the system is set up! I do wish that the approach to education would change to giving individuals a voice in their learning. Some teachers are taking steps to independent learning and incorporating new ideas into the curriculum. It is a work in progress....

by Larry Ferlazzo
Interesting post!! I must honestly say I've never thought about pencils as being a toy until reading this post. The information seems to be so true. Mostly in a household pencils and pens are giving to children to scribble on paper during play time. Some parents never tell their child the significants of writing with a pencil. This post was an unusual but great observation of the use of pencils in a low-income household.

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life
by Daniel Pink

Everyone has a story and different things that motivates their improvement in life. What's your sentence? Was I better today than yesterday? These questions should be asked to begin the path of improvement. This post helped me realize everyone has their own sentence but almost the same goal, improvement. I like to think of myself as a dream catcher, therefore my sentence is: "I will devote my time to teaching students useful information and helping them reach their goals in life."

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Additional Assignment #3

Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Educational Paradigms
What do you think is the most important thing Sir Ken Robinson says in this presentation? "ADHD is not an epidemic." I have often thought about why so many students now struggle with paying attention? It is now clear that the students are not interested and the teachers are boring! The teacher view the student as a behavior problem because he/she are bored and playing with something while the teacher is lecturing. When the student becomes bored and uninterested in the teacher the first thing the child is labeled ADHD. The teacher should be labeled instead of the students. In public schools today, teachers are teaching standardized testing. Everything lesson in the curriculum is scripted and teachers are afraid to alter the information because of the possibility of losing their job.
Is there anything you disagree with in this presentation? I agree with the entire concept of his presentation. I also enjoyed the way he presented the information using RSA animate. The use of this tool caught my attention and kept me interested in the information. I think new tools, such as rsa animate, should be used as a teaching method to keep the students focused.
How congruent are Sir Ken Robinson's positions with those which you are being taught in the College of Education. In other word
s, where is there agreement? Where is there disagreement?
Knowledge comes with experiences. It all comes down to experiences. I think some standardized testing are bias because it test on what an they think an "average" student should know. What if I'm not average but a little more than average in another area. Just because a student is unfamiliar with the testing materials doesn't prove what they know or don't know. We need to find another way of figuring out what a student has learned rather than standardized testing.
What can you do to address the issues Sir Robinson r
aises? I will strive to teach and learn different strategies of approaching education. Even though there are goals set to be met in education, I would teach students "how" to learn instead of teaching "what "to learn.
What do you think of the presentation? If you had to do a presentation with others like this, what role on your team would you like most to play? I enjoyed the use of RSA animate in this presentation. It was interesting and kept my attention for the entire 11 minutes. I would want to play the Idea Generator.

sir ken robinson's rsa animate

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog Post #9

"What I've Learned This Year"
by Mr. McClung
picture of students raising their hand in a classroom

Mr. Clung shared his experience about his first year being a teacher. He talked ab
out the do's and don'ts of being an effective teacher. I agree with his post and will incorporate his ideas when I become an educator. Communication is an important factor when dealing with others. If we practice effective communication skills a lot of misunderstandings wouldn't occur. We as future teachers should always encourage students rather than discourage them. Teachers should help students stay on the path to success. A teachers' focus should not be on self but on the students. We should ask "How can I serve my students in an effective manner?" I also agree that teachers should never stop learning. So many people are afraid to admit they've changed their mind about a subject. If we are afraid of change then are we really learning new ideas? I believe we are all students until the end of time. The learning process should never end for anyone, let alone teachers. We should embrace new and fresh ideas, for it is not always about you as an individual. I will keep these tips in mind when I become a Special Education teacher.
a note to self

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Project #9b Instructional Timeline

Blog Post #8

This is How We Dream Part 1 & 2
by Richard E. Miller

In this video Richard E. Miller discussed the new way of writing. Instead of writing a book and waiting for it to be published, simply use technology to share ideas. There are so many ideas that can be shared in different ways using technology. This information will be viewable infinitely instead of books being out of print. He mentioned how fast information is shared through technology rather waiting for things to be published on paper. He referred the changes as an incremental change and not a fundamental change.
"Ideas don't belong to us individually, but they they belong to us as a culture". I agree with this statement. Ideas should be shared in order to progress in a positive manner. Ideas should be shared globally and freely. This type of writing does not limit your ideas and abilities to the classroom teacher. Other people ideas merging together makes learning a lot easier.
I think this video was a must see. It opens your mind to a whole new level of sharing ideas instead of the traditional way. I know almost everyone has hear the saying "by the time a news is printed in the newspaper, it's already old news". Technology has presented many ways to share ideas in a fast manner. However, Richard Miller mentioned teaching how to write this way hasn't yet been invented.I think we are being prepared in EDM310 class to begin the process of writing in this manner. I have learned so many new techniques in this class to share with my students in the future.

The Chipper Series and EDM 310 for Dummies

These videos were interesting and gave real encounters of ever day feelings while taking EDM310.The videos were also funny and kept my attention. I have been through similar situations as "Chipper" looking for other jobs avoiding the long process of going to school. Obviously, it didn't work because I'm back in school now. In the past I have thought why do teachers stress the importance of deadlines? Now I know that everything in life revolves around deadlines.
EDM 310 for Dummies is much needed for technologically illiterate students taking EDM 310. This class is overwhelming to person who has no idea of new technology advances. I felt overwhelmed at the beginning of this class. I had trouble understanding how to complete some assignments. However, the additional instruction and lab assistants has made EDM 310 less stressful.
I would like to create or participate in videos that are humorous and has a life learned lesson. I would like for my video to be meaningful and relevant. The humor is in addition to keep the viewer interested.

Why Smartboards are a Dumb Initiative and Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards compared to Why Use an Interactive Smartboard?

I agree with both perspectives of using smartboards. I understand that technology itself is not the learning tool but its how we present material with technology. Teaching lessons using smartboards somehow keep the attention of students longer than using the nonactive whiteboard. I agree that smartboards are expensive and giving it all the credit for learning is overrated. I don't think smartboards are the learning guru, however I believe it is a great learning tool for students with different learning styles.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Post 1st Progress Report on PLN Project #10

I am currently working on my PLN using Symbaloo. So far I have added twitter, flickr, blogger, delicious, skype, and facebook. I am following @web20classroom on twitter. I sent a direct message no response as of now. On facebook, I joined several groups, iSchool initiative and SPE Class of 2011 (the last blocksters). I'm not quite sure if I'm on the right track though. I've watched videos on youtube and googled ways to create a PLN. This is my 1st progress report for project #10. Please feel free to give me tips and feedback on creating an effective PLN. Thanks!

Summary Post C4T Teacher #2

Mr. David Hopkins blog posts are interesting and helpful. He discussed helpful tips for creating relevant and useful presentations. He also mentioned ways to make a presentation better. This post, "Presentations; what to do and what to avoid" was an eye opener for me. I am ashamed to say that I was doing most of the AVOID tips. I am glad I was exposed to this information. I know my next presentation will be much better than previous presentations.
The next blog post was "Preserving your carefully designed presentation". Mr. Hopkins described a situation where a Power Point 2007 presentation did not work correctly on another computer. I know we all have been a victim to this problem. In this post he shared many strategies to prevent this from happening. After my incident with PowerPoint 2007 , I started using Google Docs presentation. However, Google Docs presentations does not have many options. Now that I've been exposed to the problem and how to fix it, I will definitely give PowerPoint 2007 another chance.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog Post #7

a picture of a brick wall
Mr. Randy Pausch's Last Lecture was inspirational and motivational. I think all students, at some point in their education should view this lecture; it talked about achieving your childhood dreams and enabling the dreams of others. Mr. Pauch stated "WE can not change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." This statement is so true. Many times during of lives we wonder why things aren't going our way. It's not up to us to constantly complain about the situation, we must find a solution to our problem.
Randy also stated "Never give up." Many young adults need this type of motivation, so many students feels as if it's okay to just throw in the towel when they don't succeed. When did failure become an option?
"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you want." Mr. Pausch's statement encouraged me to view life experiences in a different light. Everyone do not receive the best in life, but everyone will have experiences in life. Experience is something no man can take away. We, as educators should encourage students to never give u on their dreams. We should expose disadvantaged children to as much as possible so that they too can feel like they have a chance to succeed.

"Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things." A statement that should impact anyone who hears it. I agree with Mr. Pausch about brick walls. There are many times in life when people think something is too hard, so they quit. I will remember this lecture forever. I will share this information to my students in the future, hopefully it will impact their lives as it did mine. Thanks to Mr. Randy Pausch for sharing this information.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

C4K Summary 1 & 2

I recently read an "about me" and "my learning manifesto" blog posting by Yolanda S. Yolanda is a student at Noel Elementary. She has a very close family and enjoys spending time with them. I think family is important in children's lives because family gives children the support and confidence needed to succeed in any challenge.She mentioned she has difficulties in math and promises to work harder on understanding the concepts. I commend her for not giving up. Most girls lose interest in math and science during elementary school. I loved her learning manifesto.Her ideas helped me reevaluate my learning process. I know Yolanda will accomplish her goals and succeed in life.

Thursday, September 30, 2010



Blog Post #6

Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student

Connectivism is an excellent idea but only for technologically literate individuals. If the individual is not willing to learn new things daily then connectivism wouldn't work. I think EDM 310 is preparing The University of South Alabama students for this major change but what about people who hasn't been exposed to these different methods of learning? These people would be at a disadvantage and would put their students at a disadvantage also. In order to get everyone on board we must first have an open mind about technology. Technology is constantly changing and we must keep up in order to help our children benefit from connnectivism.
I think workshops and people working together would help present the idea of connectivism in schools. This is not a one person movement, everyone, including parents, must be involved to make it a success. I think EDM 310 is preparing me for this type of teaching. We are introduced to a lot of material dealing with technology. However, by the time I graduate new technology will exist. My role is to keep up with current technology post EDM 310 in order to be a networked teacher.
I think students would learn more from this experience than the traditional method. They would be able to voice their opinion and show their creativity instead of learning what the teacher knows. I've discovered that most teachers teach within their comfort zone. If they are uncomfortable with a subject they tend not to exposed the students to the information. Connectivism is a teaching method where everyone is learning.
a picture of children feet connected

Responsibility is the characteristic that stood out in this video. The PLE teaches students how to be independent and responsible. It also gives the students their creativity back and shy away from learning out of an out dated book. I think this is an excellent way for students to learn how to think and problem solve.

by Michael Wesch
It's 2010 and we haven't banned books, however books are rarely used. We are still required to buy books for our college courses but rarely open them. I love the way he used old quotes to refer to today's life. He covered a lot of information but it really didn't catch my eye. The motive of the video was unclear to me.

Blog Post #5

picture of a rss feed with headphones on top
Eagle Nest Radio and Class Blog

This blog is an excellent teaching method. The students recorded a podcast about different topics. I think this help the student learn by actually participating and talking about the subject. I could tell the excitement in the student's voice while discussing the topic. Other students around the world could listen to their podcast and learn more than sitting in class listening to a lecture. I think by the students hearing other students their age discussing a subject would grasp their attention more. I love the idea of using podcast in the classroom.

by Joe Dale

Podcasting in the classroom benefits students in many ways. This video discussed several real life situations that podcasting would come in handy. Students who are absent have access to the information they missed via podcast. Missing a day of school can sometimes set a student back and prove hard to catch up. The students can listen to the information as many times they need until they grasp the topics. Even if a student did attend class they still could go home and listen to the information again. The parents are exposed to what was covered in the classroom also. I think recording a podcast is a great teaching tool to keep the students interested and on track.

by Judy Scharf

This blog is a helping tool for people who are not knowledgeable of a podcast. I did not know much about podcasting before EDM310. Judy Scharf explains what a podcast is, how to devote time creating a podcast, and different subjects to record in a podcast. The tips to succeed helped my podcasting partner, Tiffany Morris, and I understand the concepts of podcasting. We used this blog for the foundation of creating our podcast.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog Post #4

an iTouch by apple
Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?
by: Dr. Scott McLeod
Dr. Scott McLeod is a teacher who is currently an Associate Professor at Iowa State University. He is also the Director of UCEA Center for Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE). He truly believes in public schools but thinks schools need a new paradigm. His work focuses on the leadership necessary to effectuate the new paradigm.
Dr. McLeod's post was intriguing. At first, I thought he was being serious about not wanting children to progress in technology until I found out he was being really sarcastic. I think children should be monitored using technology but not stopped from using it. I understand why parents freak out about internet predators, uncensored material, and cyber bullying but there's always going to be a negative aspect towards everything. Teachers and parents should always look at the positive aspects of things. Look at how the world has evolved since technology came about. We should want our children to be apart of the movement and not against it. I think every child should be introduced to technology and what it has to offer.

The iSchool Initiative
I think the arguments being made about iSchool comes down to people being afraid to embrace technology. I support technology in the the classroom to the fullest. This type of school would cut down cost per student instead of cutting teachers. We would actually have enough funding to pay for needed items. We wouldn't have to waste money on copiers, copy paper, books, pencils, pens and etc.
I think this is an awesome idea but of course there is always a downside to everything. Librarians would lose their jobs because there will no longer be a need for books. Teacher student relationship would suffer because of the dependence on technology only. I'm afraid classroom management would suffer also. However, this method of teaching would produce adults who are ready to face this fast pace world.

The Lost Generation
Wow!!! This video is by far the best I have watched. The reverse was brilliant. I agree with the reverse of the poem because no matter what happens in life happiness should always come for within. We as Americans tend to place our value in money, jobs, cars, houses, and etc. We should be happy for life in general.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
This is an incredible way of getting people all around the world involved in a choir. This choir had so many people in it that didn't have to be in the same place. They sound great and were in unison without being in the same place. This was an excellent idea I was shocked by this performance.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Addition Assignment #1

Google Squared and WolframAlpha are both great educational implications. Using these tools in the classroom will help broaden student's thinking towards the word. I was not aware of any of these tools before viewing Dr. Strange's video. A geography teacher could use these tools in class rather than out-dated textbooks. I am anxious about using these tools and learning more ways to manipulate them.
After viewing Did You Know 3.0, I was shocked about the statistics of India having more honor students than students in the United States. However, now I am at eased about that statement due to the population and Dr. Strange explaining what it really meant. I agree with Dr. Strange about comprehending what something really means instead of running with ideas that are being thrown out.

Food For Thought Comment: I think children are easy learners. Now if an older computer illiterate person in there 40s or 50s would have picked up the iPad they probably would have lost their mind.

Summary Post C4T

A Non-Techie Resource Bucket Fillers by: lthumannA picture about bucket filling

Mrs. Lisa Thumann explained in her post how "Bucket Filling" made a positive impact on her daughters' life. Bucket Filling, is when students in the classroom write a compliment about another student and place it in that students' bucket anonymously. After researching this method she came across a book by Carol McCloud, which explained the idea behind bucket filling; it is about spreading love and good feelings towards each other. Mrs. Thumann and her daughters' teacher started a project documenting how the
students used "bucket filling". It proved to be a positive method in the student lives and a self-esteem booster.
I think every teacher should have some sort of method in their classroom that boost students' self-esteem. So many students are being bullied and tortured in the classroom today. These students need to hear a compliment from someone daily to keep their self-esteem high. I enjoyed this post and will incorporate this method in my future career as a Special Education Teacher.

Blog Post 3

Micheal Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

"I did not create the problems, but they are my problems!" This quote stood out to me while watching this video. The message in this video is powerful. In my classes teachers are still using chalkboards, whiteboard, and overhead projectors. I can't believe that teachers still want to write so much information on the board and then erase it. It's like they are writing for exercise.
We just recently received smart boards in our classes, but the teacher still use power points instead of incorporating new ideas to teach the info. My teachers are also still inviting speakers to the classroom instead of using skype as a way of communicating. They could create a podcast, video, or skype with others instead of creating a power point for every chapter. We as students pay so much money to attend college to only graduate and know nothing about technology. It's time that we jump aboard and get with the program. It seems as if school is the only place that is stuck in time. School is the foundation of our lives and we are not getting adequate information there.
This movie basically summed up my college experience. All of my classes, except for one, are lectures and power points. When I become a teacher, I hope to have resources to expose computer technology to my students.

"It's Not About Technology" by Kelly Hines

I definitely agree that teachers must also be learners. The state could provide all types of technology and equipment to schools, but if the teachers don't know how to use it then the equipment goes to waste. Some teachers don't feel the need to change. They think since they have been teaching for 25 yrs they know everything.This is so untrue. We never stop learning; new ideas and technology are emerging every day.

We just received smartboards in our education classes about a year ago. The teachers are still using power point presentation on them. I'm thinking if the teachers are not going to use it for new advancement then the university should be issued a refund. New equipment doesn't help at all if no one puts it to use. I think the teachers should be opened to new new ideas about technology into the classroom. One teacher was lost when she saw the smartboard. She did not know how to write on it, so she picked up a piece of chalk and began to write on the chalkboard. I thought to myself, why didn't she at least try to figure out how to operate the smartboard? After reading Mrs. Hines' post, the answer became clear to me, teachers must also be learners in order to prepare for the future.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

The answer to this question is of course not! It is ridiculous how some teachers think it is okay to use the same teaching method they've used for years. The world has advanced and the schools are stagnant. Students attend school for years and graduate knowing nothing. It's time for teachers to accept the fact that computers are here to stay. It's not a trend that's going away. Teachers need to realize it's not okay to teach students and have no clue about technology. Books, paper, and pens are becoming obsolete, so are the teaching methods.
The requirement for teachers should be technology literate. Why are the standards so low for teachers' certification? In my education classes, I rarely use a computer. I know the classes should require more technology, but the teachers are not incorporating technology into the curriculum. There is no need for finger pointing but we need to start learning from our mistakes.

Google Presentation: The Paws of My Heart

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Post #2

student in a classroom

Did You Know 3.0 by Karl Fisch

Did you Know 3.0 was an interesting and informative video. After reviewing the video, I thought to myself, what is going to happen in the years to come? We as a country are not prepared for the future. We must change our teaching and learning methods or else we will be left behind like cavemen. Our students need to be well prepared to transition from high school to the fast pace world. However, most U.S. schools don’t have enough funding to provide computers to students.

Jobs are becoming more technical than physical. It is imperative for teachers to learn and start teaching up to date materials. Learning Microsoft Word, Excel, and access is cool but it's ancient. Teachers must acquire information to help our students compete globally. I believe if we don't change our system of learning soon, we as the United States will fade away as being a third world country.

Mr. Winkle Wakes by Mathew Needleman

Mr. Winkle Wakes was funny but the message was far from a joke. There are scartoon of Mr. Winkle Wakeso many people wandering around lost just like Mr. Winkle. In order to survive in this day in time we need to become technology literate. Everywhere Mr. Winkle went was rolling on into the new day and age except school. School is where you suppose prepare students for the future, but it seems as if we are preparing them for the past.

I think teachers should incorporate technology into everyday lessons. The students would become comfortable and gain knowledge of what's actually going on outside of school walls. Incorporating technology into the curriculum will change the statistics of success in America. These videos definitely changed my view of technology and how it is affecting our Americans today.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

"If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original." ---Sir Ken Robinson
Sir Ken Robinson stated that students are being educated out of creativity. I agree with this statement. I remember being in elementary school and being told that my method of learning was inappropriate and unnecessary. I had a hard time remembering certain information so i use to make up songs about the information and dance to it. I was forced to learn the typical way. I became irritated and was no longer interested in the information. That semester I received my first bad grade. I was embarrassed and ashamed to participate in class because I thought of myself as being dumb.
I agree with Sir Ken about humanities and arts are just as important as math and science. Educators should realize that children are not mini teachers. Children should be able to express their thoughts and talents as well as the teachers express theirs. Public schools focus so much on academics and standardized testing than students’ logistics by participating in music, dance, art and etc. Please stop taking creativity from our children. As Sir Ken said, "It is our job to help them[students] make something of the future.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

I commend Vicki Davis for the effort she has put forth to educate her students in the rural area of Georgia. She has exposed them to things that most people didn't know exist. Prior to viewing this video, I did not know what avatar and terraform meant. Vicki not only spread knowledge to her students but to anyone who viewed her video. I think this type of learning should be required in all schools. This form of teaching helps the students broaden their horizons.
Educators should take the same approach in schools today. This would make school more interesting and informative at the same token. Pen and paper will soon be obsolete and the students who are not technology literate will be out of date also. Vicki Davis made a big step towards preparing students for the future, hopefully more will follow her footsteps.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who Am I?

Hello my name is LaChandra Lorriane Lett. I am originally from Frisco City Al. I graduated from Frisco City High School in 2003. A few days after graduation I moved to Mobile attend Bishop State Community College. My initial major of study was Computer Information Systems. I later transferred to Alabama A&M in Huntsville Alabama and began to work in group homes for mentally challenged adults. This is where I found my purpose in life to educate and advocate for special needs individuals. I immediately changed my major to Special Education.
I moved back to Mobile Alabama in 2009 to further my education in Special Education at the University of South Alabama. All of the Special Education classes and practicums has been interesting. I've learned a lot since attending this university. My expected graduation date is in the Fall of 2011.We will be the last class to graduate at the University of South Alabama with only a Special Education major Bs degree.
My goal for the future is to teach at a title I school. I am passionate about helping others succeed to their full potential. I want to help special needs children receive the appropriate education and achieve their dreams and goals. I believe this is my purpose in life and I am excited about fulfilling my duty as a Special Education educator.