Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary Post C4K November-December 5

Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog
Halloween Fun Friday
In this post the students came up with relevant messages a slogans to "SAY NO TO DRUGS". The students wrote what they thought about drugs on a poster combined with their peers sayings. They also discussed their math lesson for the day. The lesson was arrays. They used Halloween erases in rows to calculate the answer. (Example three rows of nine ghost erasers=27.) This activity seemed successful because it was interesting. Students are more enthused to learn using crafts or toy-like objects. The students also created spider webs for an instructed art project. The students read and followed directions to complete the project.

Ben's blog was written in French. I used Google Translate to translate it in English. Ben is nine years old and in the 5th grade. He loves sports. He attends a school where there is over 500 students. I attended a small school and can only imagine the experience of a big school population. This is Ben's first time blogging. I left him words of encouragement to keep blogging!

Melissa asked a question: What is your favorite Christmas Movie? Her favorite movie is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I commented that my favorite story is an old classic: A Christmas Story!

The Crazy Cranberry Project
Madison discussed the cranberry experiment in her blog post. The class made cranberry relish and made several predictions for the experiment.They predicted if the cranberry would float or sink and at what temperature a cranberry would pop. The cranberry floated and it popped at 212 degrees F. They also compared home-made cranberry sauce to can bought sauce. They agreed that home-made cranberry sauce was the best. I think the students learned a lot from this project by experimenting rather than reading about cranberries.

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