Sunday, December 5, 2010

C4T #4 Summary

Caren Carrillo
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stop watch timer
Caren presented a brilliant idea for students keeping up their pace in the classroom. She uses a stop watch program online to help students keep up with the time while doing assignments and test. The method is to help students finish their assignment. The students look at the stop watch to see if they need to pick up their pace. I think this is a great idea for most students, however some students are distracted and may get nervous by the thought of being timed. This is a good method to time projects, center time, and social time in the classroom.

In this post Caren gave tips on how to add and subtract negative numbers. Students often have problems with grasping the concept of negative numbers. They are confused about how a number can be negative. Here are some tips on how to understand the concept of adding and subtracting negative numbers.
1. Create a huge number line from -10 to 10
2.Put a huge (-) sign on the left end of the line and (+) on the right side of the line
3.Talk through the equations with the students
4.Show the students the numbers on the line (add and subtract them)
5. Then introduce the (-) numbers
6. Teach the odd and even rule
This teaching method leaves little room for mistakes.

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